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I'm Justin Terry and I am a storyboard artist. My passion for storytelling began in the 90’s when I was introduced to the world of Japanese and American animation. The stories brought to life in those animations had such an impact on me that I was inspired to study narrative and visual storytelling.

My pursuit to understand visual storytelling brought me to the Academy of Art University where I would go on to become a storyboard artist. As a student, I became familiar with the cinematic language and character-driven storytelling and realized just how powerful those are at communicating with the audience.  To strengthen myself as a story artist I have sought out and gained experience in 2D background and layout, 3D animation, and visual developed. One of my most rewarding experiences during my studies was my chance to work in Studio X, a student-run, a faculty-mentored experience that emulates real-world animation and VFX production. In Studio X, it was truly inspiring to collaborate with other story artists and problem solve storytelling to strengthen the story and give it the most impact.

As a storyboard artist and illustrator, my art seeks to immerse the audience so deeply into the story that they feel as if they are experiencing it themselves. I seek to accomplish this by using cinematic language and visual storytelling to portray characters in relatable and compelling ways.

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